Anastasia Vlasova, DVM, PhD

Anastasia Vlasova, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor
Food Animal Health Building, Wooster Campus
(330) 263-3740 - office, (330)263-3668 - lab
(330) 263-3677
Degree Information: 
DVM, Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology (2000)
PhD, Molecular Virology, Ivanovsky Institute for Virology, Moscow, Russia (2004) Advisor: Dr. Alexey D. Zaberezhny
Innate immunity, molecular characterization of emerging animal, human and zoonotic viruses
Additional Information: 

My main research interests include: 1) Innate immunity and pathogenesis of enteric viruses; 2) Interactions among host, pathogens, microbiome and micro/macronutrients, and 3) Development of interventions for human and swine enteric viral diseases using the neonatal gnotobiotic pig as a model. Another focus area is the molecular characterization of emerging and re-emerging animal, human and zoonotic (enteric and respiratory) viruses to understand their molecular evolution and interspecies transmission and to develop optimal diagnostic tools and control measures.